Open your own Carbon Positive, Sustainable, Iconic and Eco COCO-MAT E-Bike Franchise

Multiple Revenue Streams

Each COCO-MAT E-Bike Franchise will have it’s own exclusive geographical area to provide wooden bike tours, rentals and bike sales to individuals/corporates/hotels. B2C offerings will also be available online.

The idea was born in Southern Greece. Under the bright, generous and invigorating Sun. Next to the turquoise and restless sea. Cool mountain breeze of Northern Greece gave shape and breath to the first ever iconic Carbon Positive Sustainable E-Bike. We, COCO-MATBIKE.UK Master Franchise Owners are now bringing all this wonder to the United Kingdom for the future of sustainability and the protection of Mother Earth.

COCO-MATBIKE.UK franchise sites/cities:

1. London (reserved and coming soon)

2. Manchester & Trafford

3. Edinburgh 

4. Birmingham 

5. Bristol

6. Glasgow 

7. Leeds & Bradford

8. Reading

9. Leicester 

10. Nottingham & Derby

11. Oxford (reserved and coming soon)

12. Newcastle 

13. Cambridge 

14. Maidenhead

15. Liverpool