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How to assemble your COCO-MAT bike

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General Questions

Well why not?

First off, the COCO-MAT bikes are made out of American Ash Wood (Fraxus Americana). By using wood, we managed to robustly extend the bike’s life cycle and at the same time carry nature’s imprint in the daily life of the urban landscape. Sustainable wood is resourced from certified renewable forests, that preserve the biodiversity and maintain the landscape and eco-systems of the world. No carbon, steel or aluminum frames will be left behind to the future generations, once these bikes are done.

Moreover, an adult ash tree can provide us with enough wood to make 50 bikes. Every time a friend purchases a bike, we plant a tree in the UK on behalf of the new owner. Our partners around the world make sure that a tree is also planted in their territory with every purchase.

Weight can vary according to model and accessories, but they range from 14kg for the folding bike and 23kg for the standard e-bike. In other words they are within the average weight of a normal city or electric bike.

COCO-MAT wooden bikes for toddlers and adults are surprisingly smooth and easy to ride, is something that we usually hear from our friends around the world. The compact and hard-wearing frame, combined with the top quality gear and brake components, create a solid and effortless cycling experience.

Their minimal design and operation leaves almost no space for things that can go wrong. Drum brakes and automatic gears ensure almost a lifetime operation without maintenance. If anything fails in the course of the years though, any bicycle shop will do the job.

When it comes to the wooden frame, COCO-MAT bikes gives a lifetime guarantee in case of severe damage on the frame. Wooden spare parts are also included in the lifetime guarantee without questions. All of them are easy to be replaced by almost anyone.

A COCO-MAT.bike maintenance kit is provided with every bike that includes Allen keys, sandpaper and beeswax for wood maintenance.

Our wooden bikes have passed both computer simulation and physical laboratory tests from the Hermes Hanse Control Group in Hamburg, Germany. Ever since all our bikes carry their DIN and ISO 4201-1 4201-2, 4201-3, 4201-6 :2015-01, 2015-12 mechanical safety certifications.

Your wooden bicycle will be handcrafted and custom made to order. You can personalise your iconic bike by adding your name or brand. We will then safely package your COCO-MAT BIKE  and transport it by road crossing the border from Greece into the United Kingdom. Using road transport instead of air transport our carbon footprint is far less.  From receipt of your order we will take approximately 15 working days and your special, unique wooden bike will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Within 9 minutes of assembly you will be on the road to absolute sustainable iconic bliss. Please thoroughly enjoy! Spread the good word, And Thank You!  

Extended warranty upon request is available for a limited time only. One additional year (4 years in total) for the frame and one additional year for the mechanical parts ( 2 years in total). Valued at £175.00.

We have partnered with bespoke experienced bicycle experts to address any issues you may have in locations throughout the United Kingdom. Please email aftersalesservice@coco-matbike.uk for any requirements. 


• Three(3) years for defective wooden or metal compartments that may have appeared during the manufacturing process.

• One(1) year for bike mechanical/electrical compartments.

This warranty extends from the date of purchase, is offered only to the original owner and it is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required.